Michael Hernandez

Michael Hernandez

Chief of Schools,
High School Education

The Chief of Schools - Secondary Education Office is comprised of:

  • The Chief of Schools for High School Education,
  • The Chief of Schools for Middle School Education,
  • The Secondary School Improvement Partners,
  • The Office of Youth Re-Engagement,
  • The District Athletic Director, and
  • The Executive Assistant.

This Central Office team, in concert with the Chief of School Operations, provides direct supports to secondary schools to ensure that every school has what they need to be a thriving school that is preparing every student, with a special focus on African American students and Students with Disabilities, to be college, career, and community ready.  

Our office provides intensive support for schools to implement their School Improvement Plan effectively through clearly outlined parameters; the provision and alignment of Central Office resources; and cycle of feedback and data review that keeps student achievement at the center of their work. This team’s work is aligned to Strategic Framework area #1: We Will Empower School Communities.

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