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So you've found the perfect job for you. Now it is time to apply. Below are the recommended next steps you need to take to ensure that this job becomes yours! The Madison College Career and Employment Resources Center is a great resource in helping you through this process. 

Creating a Resume

A resume is the first impression that a company will have of you. It is extremely important that it looks professional and that you've highlighted all of your skills and abilities in an impactful way. A resume should include the following headings: 

  • Name and Contact Information

  • Education
  • Work and/or Volunteer Experience
  • Activities/Extracurriculars
  • Certifications/Awards
  • Skills
  • References (These are not family members but are adults who can speak to your skills and abilities). It is important to always get permission prior to using someone as a reference. 

Here is a great example of a resume for a high school students which includes a great list of words that you may want to include. 

*Some jobs do not require you to submit a resume but they are helpful to have on hand as you complete the required Job Application. They can also help you stand out from the other applicants. 

Job Application

Nearly all jobs require you to complete an application. These may be online or pen and paper. Below are a few tips to help you in completing the application to ensure that you are called for an interview:

  • Read the entire application before starting

  • Be neat and complete (leave no blanks)
  • Follow all directions on the application
  • Do not use abbreviations (unless a sections is not applicable to you then you may put N/A)
  • Proofread (and even have someone else look over the application before submitting)
  • Be prepared to include contact information for your References

After submitting your application it is perfectly acceptable to call the manager after a few days to a week to follow up and ask if they have had time to review your application. 

Job Interview07-21-19_kevin_039_2.jpg

The interview is probably the most important part of getting hired. This is your time to shine and sell yourself to your future employer. Sharing your strengths and abilities is not considered bragging, it is you convincing this employer that you are the right person for the job. Below are some tips and strategies for acing your job interview: 

  • Dress nicely (Think clean, pressed and ready to impress!)
  • Prepare (Do a little research about the company before your interview.)
  • Practice (Role play with someone as you practice answering sample interview questions and prepare your elevator speech)
  • Be on time! (In fact, show up 10-15 minutes early for your interview.)
  • Shake hands with and Greet the interviewer.
  • Be courteous and professional 
  • Follow up (send a brief thank you email or note a day or two after your interview)

Jobs For Teens HQ is a great resource for finding more information. 

Requesting a Transcript 

Some jobs may require that you submit your high school transcript. Below are the instructions for requesting your transcript from your school. 

How Do I Order a Copy of My Transcript?

Transcripts may be ordered at by Madison Metropolitan School District graduates, guardians of students, and by current students (who are over the age of 18). This electronic service allows you to order transcripts online at any time and track the status of the transcripts that you have requested to be sent. Consult with your counselor determine if you qualify for a fee waiver.

How Do I Get a Copy of My Transcript for Personal Use?

Current Students and their families may download and print a copy of a transcript from Infinite Campus for personal use. 

Personal transcripts are not considered official and will not be accepted for admission purposes to colleges and universities, the Common Application, or the NCAA.  Most athletic offices, employers, and some scholarship applications will accept a printed copy of the personal transcript.

Transcripts needed for scholarship purposes are free.  In order to request an official transcript for scholarship purposes, please contact your counselor.