Making plans to enter the world of work after high school is typically an exciting time for students, however COVID-19 may have many students rethinking those plans. This site will provide you with updated information as well as tips and strategies for entering the workforce right out of high school during a worldwide pandemic. A website is never a replacement for meaningful conversations, reach out to your school counselors and other trusted adults to guide you through this process during this time.

Quick Links

MMSD Grading and Adjusted Graduation Requirements

The recent shift in our grading  and graduation requirements should not impact your path to a career. Your transcript will indicate this adjustment by stating "Second Semester COVID 19. Pass/No Pass grading in place". If a third party organization (like an employer) requires you to submit your GPA from Spring 2020, MMSD will support you with this.

Work-Based Learning

If you are currently working toward earning Work Based Learning Credit, we have a few updates for you. In order to receive credit you must do the following:

  • Complete 60% of your check-ins with the Experiential Learning Liaison at your school or complete a final assignment. 

  • Request a final evaluation and hours verification from your employer

Below are the hours required to work to achieve MMSD high school credit during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

23-44 Hours = .25 Creditsmiddle_college_culinary.jpg

45-67 Hours = .50 Credits

68-89 Hours = .75 Credits

90-112 Hours = 1.0 Credits

113-134 Hours = 1.25 Credits

134-156 Hours = 1.5 Credits

157-179 Hours = 1.75 Credits

180-202 Hours = 2.0 Credits

Work Permits for Minors - COVID 19 Update

Gov. Evers issued an Emergency Order in March indicating that work permits are not currently required for minors who are hired by a business. See link above for more information and instructions regarding work permits when the public health emergency ends. 

Finding Your Career - Tips during COVID-19

Academic and Career Planning - Your ACP experiences have prepared you for this moment! Take some time to reflect on your academic and career planning, visit Xello (log in through your school’s website) to see what careers you’ve saved over the years or revisit your Interest Inventory to help you find the right career fit for you. 

  • UW Madison Success Works - This site provides information for UW students as they seek employment after graduating. It has good information for anyone seeking employment during COVID-19. 

  •  Virtual & Phone Interview Prep Guide --  Many employers may have you call in to interview for a job. This website from UW Success Works provides information on how to succeed in your virtual interview. 

  • Comprehensive Networking Guide- Networking is essential to landing your dream internship or job. It also helps with choosing what job or industry you want to work in. But what exactly is networking, and how do you get started?

  • Virtual Events -  including a virtual career fair, mock interviews, and a number of employer engagement opportunities

In-Demand Jobs

Remote Jobs for High School Students

Job-Seeking Resources

Questions to Ask during a Job Interview - COVID 19

How a company operates during COVID 19 tells you a lot about whether or not you want to work for that organization. Ask the following questions during your interview to help you determine if the company is a good fit for you. 

  • What changes have you made to safety protocols because of COVID-19? 

  • If one of your employees gets COVID-19, what steps will you take to keep the rest of your employees safe? 

  • How do you communicate real-time health updates about COVID-19 with your employees? 

  • What is your sick leave policy? What happens if I (or a close family member) get COVID-19 and need to be quarantined? 

  • Who can I ask in the future if I have a question about COVID-19 safety protocols? 

COVID 19 ACP Resources for Juniors, Seniors, and their Families - Wisconsin Dept of Public Instruction

Students and families are experiencing unprecedented levels of anxiety and uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic. Juniors and seniors along with their families may be feeling this more deeply as they prepare for a major life transition upon graduation. Even students who considered their postsecondary plans set may be rethinking their decisions in light of the drastic change in circumstances. Here are some academic and career planning (ACP) resources that can be helpful. 

Click on the link above for information about each of these areas. 

  • Virtual Career Exploration
  • Dual Enrollment Updates
  • Work Based Learning Requirements
  • Understanding Postsecondary Education and Training Options
  • Exploring Job Opportunities
  • Virtual Service Learning and Volunteering
  • College Admissions and Decisions