early college credit opportunities

Early College Credit is for high school students to earn both high school credit and college credit, at no cost to them, while still in high school. This opportunity allows high school students to experience college and get a jump start on their post high school education. Each opportunity has a different process and timeline.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • In general, transportation is not available. It is the responsibility of the student and family. However, if and when options are available, they will be shared with students who are taking advantage of early college opportunities.

  • No, not all credits transfer to all colleges and universities. Some credits may transfer to some colleges and universities, but not to others. You will want to check with the college or university you may choose to go to for specific information. If your chosen institution is a Wisconsin Technical College or within the Wisconsin University System, you can use the Wisconsin Transfer Information System, or Transferology, to see where courses may transfer.

  • This answer is really dependent on each student, their future goals and interests, and readiness for college level coursework; however, most students are best prepared either their junior or senior year. Talking with your school counselor, teachers and family members will be helpful in mapping out when the best time is to take these courses. You want to ensure balance in your course load.

  • College level courses are rigorous. They do require reading and homework outside of class time. Instructors or professors typically hold office hours where you can reach out to them for support. Many college students find it helpful to create study groups of peers to learn from one another. Dates and deadlines are important in a college course. One of the best things you can do is get to know your instructor and communicate with them when you need help.

  • Work with your school counselor to review what requirements you have yet to complete and how a college course can fit within your schedule. In some cases, it may not be possible depending on the courses that you still need to take or want to take to graduate from high school. We will do all that we can to make adjustments where we can so that you can have this experience.

  • Dual credit is for everyone. There are hundreds of college courses available to high school students. Talk to your school counselor, teacher and family members about how a college-level course can fit into your academic and career plan.

  • Textbooks and course fees are covered by the district for approved courses. However, if you need a computer or software, etc., it is the responsibility of the student.

  • There are many benefits to taking college courses while still in high school:

    • It’ll take you less time to complete your college degree
    • Provides you with a head start on the college experience
    • Will save you money on college tuition
    • You have access to the perks of a college student like the college library and other resource centers
    • You may be able to transfer your credits to another college
    • It allows you to start exploring post high school options and majors without paying for it
    • It opens doors to classes that are not offered in your high school