To submit an MVC Course Request, please contact your school counselor. To find out more information about the MVC experience, contact the appropriate mentor below.

There are two groups of online teachers in MVC: mentor teachers and content teachers. Below is the contact information for mentors. View a list of Content Teachers.

Online Mentors

MVC mentor teachers support student learning as students proceed through online courses (student preparation, course selection, course enrollment, pace charts, final exam proctor, etc.)  The online mentor teacher also issues grades and reports to MMSD on behalf of the students.

School Year 2019-2020:

Meri Tunison Middle & Alternative Schools:  Meri Tunison 
545 W. Dayton St., Madison, WI 53703-2427
Office: 608.442.2155
Paul Milisch

LaFollette High School:  Paul Milisch
702 Pflaum Rd., Madison, WI 53716-2167

Sacia Wheeler Memorial High School:  Sacia Wheeler
201 S. Gammon Rd., Madison, WI 53717-1404
Office: 608.442.2232
c9004580_4654.jpg West High School: Jane Glynn
30 Ash St., Madison, WI 53726-3954 
Office: picture of kristen riddle608.204.4135