Paris EcholesParis Echoles, Director, Office of Youth Re-Engagement

I can assist you with: 1) Initiating collaborative networking with the Office of Youth Re-Engagement’s staff as it relates to Opportunity Youth, 2) Supporting goals and strategies of innovative and alternative programs monitored by the Office of Youth Re-Engagement, 3) Understanding existing collaborative relationships between the Office of Youth Re-Engagement, MMSD, and various community stakeholders

Phone: (608) 219-4770

Maigon BucknerMaigon Buckner, Programming Coordinator

I can assist you with: 1) Design and implementation of innovative programming models, 2) Coaching and support for student intervention programs, 3) Understanding and developing project-based learning models, 4) Identifying, supporting and understanding MicroSchools and other innovative programs in MMSD

Phone: (608) 438-0885

Kristin ForemanKristin Foreman, Justice-Involved Youth Coordinator

I can assist you with: 1) Working with building teams to develop, implement, and progress monitor a school-based re-entry plan for justice-involved youth, 2) Supporting communication between families, correctional and/or treatment facilities, school-based personnel, and Dane County, 3) Creating a multi-tiered system of support to serve justice-involved youth, 4) Facilitating school-based professional learning needs related to justice involved youth, 5) Strengthening partnerships with city, county, and community agencies and organizations

Phone: (608) 438-0479