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MVC is not a full-time online schooling option. Please contact your school's principal for details on accessing full-time virtual learning.

MVC Course Catalog

To access the MVC Course Catalog for the current school year or summer, click the link below. The course links will have overview information about pre-requisites and course content.

If interested in accessing a syllabus or previewing a course, see information below.

Course Syllabi & Preview

Teachers, counselors, and MVC staff may request access to the syllabus for an online course, or even get a preview of the course. This may help determine whether a course is an appropriate match for the student's credit needs. Generally, if an MVC course has an equivalent face-to-face course within the district, it should be considered to meet the same credit/graduation requirements as the face-to-face course. Please discuss details with your school's counselor team and MVC mentor as needed.

To request preview access or to view a course syllabus (beyond the information included in the MVC Course Catalog), please contact your school's MVC mentor teacher.

Blended Learning

If you are interested in using online instruction in your own classroom, please contact the MVC Teacher Leader, 

Alyson Weier ( for possible PD opportunities on blended learning. Blended is an approach that combines online and face-to-face instruction and can be used by any classroom teacher successfully, whether you have daily access to mobile devices or not.

Teaching Online

Currently, MMSD is gathering information on interest for teaching online through MVC. You can find more information about the online teaching experience below, along with other links.

Other Staff Links

Please use the links below to access desired information on Madison Virtual Campus.